Janus Notes

Q. I really don't like iCloud. Why you moved from Dropbox to iCloud?
A. Well, really I were willing to implement a folder system for the notes but making this while keeping Dropbox synced was a real nightmare. Using iCloud, the app is cleaner and faster and that will allow me to continue the development.

Q. Wasn't this app Turms?
A. Yes. Then I decided that I was not able to develop both Janus Notes (with dropbox sync) and Turms (with iCloud sync). Because I personally used Turms it seemed logical to me to re-brand Turms to Janus Notes 2 (the former started from Janus Note code, so it is really so), so I can focalize on only one platform.

Q. Can I test the application?
A. On OS X, simply download the app from the Mac App Store and use it.
On iOS, the application is free, with iAd advertising, with the option to opt-out from the advertising (and support further developments) paying a small fee.

Q. There is any way to directly make a note from a web page?
A. Yes, drag this bookmarlet to your bookmark window: Send To Janus Notes. To use it, with the web page open, select the text you want to have in the note and click the bookmark. A new note will be saved in the app with the title set to the title of the web page, the selected text in the body and the URL in the attachment.
For iPhone/iPad use this bookmarket instead: Send To Janus Notes From iOS. The note will be saved only with title and URL, there is no way that I know about to copy the text from the page on iOS. To save the bookmarklet on iOS, save it in the bookmarks on OS X and wait for iCloud to sync the bookmarks.

Q. Why there is an "ad-supported" version?
A. Because the "ad network" libraries transmit information to their controller, we only use iAd (the Apple's Ad network) on iOS, as far as I know there are no additional informations transmitted when this network is used. You can opt-out of the ads in the Preference pane.

Q. Should I pay for the optional In-App Purchase?
A. Well... yes you should if you use the application (and you can afford it, but you should if you have Apple's gear).
This app don't sell you or your data, we strongly support the idea that the users of an application are not the product to sell, but the customer. So we don't collect any data about you, the app will not "phone home" and your data is fully encrypted. This business model requires that people using the app pay something for it, so the developer can pay his bills and continue to develop the app.

Q. I edited a note on my Mac (iPhone/iPad) and it doesn't show on the other device!
A. This application uses iCloud to synchronize the data between the devices. You need to be logged in on iCloud and to have the "Documents and Data" synchronization on for the sync to work. Also, the sync in itself needs a data connection, so if you're out of the network you cannot sync. The data will be synchronized as soon as the network returns, there is no need to have the network available to write or edit your notes.

Q. Note Sharing don't work! I lost all my notes!
A. In case something doesn't work (say missing notes, etc.) the key is waiting. When the sync will be complete all will be hopefully OK.
Q. I edited a note on my Mac (iPhone/iPad) and it doesn't show on the other device!

Q. What means "Wrong encryption key. Please change it in Preferences"?
A. When the notes are encrypted, all the devices needs to know the encryption password. Set the encryption password to be the same on all your devices in the preferences box.

Q. Why I can read the encryption password in clear?
A. The encryption system is designed to keep your data safe on the cloud provider, when you're using the app the data are locally decrypted, hiding the password will not add to the security, only to the "security theatre". The password in itself is stored locally on the Keychain of each device and it's protected when the device is locked and there is no copy of it on the data storage. When the device is not locked you're using it, right? We feel this is the right balance between security and usability.
If you're privacy-conscious you should lock your iPhone with a code (this will encrypt the notes' cache on your iPhone) and use FileVault on your Macintosh… and remember to lock your devices when you leave them.

Q. Why are the attachment not encrypted?
A. The reason is that the files will appear as corrupted to the OS X file system so the possibility of confusion and further corruption are *very* high (it happened also to my beta testers). To avoid that, I'd have to change the UTI of the files (ie: change the extension) but then it will be *way* more difficult to manage the attachment thing (no support from the OS, make all from scratch). If I leave the extension alone, the encrypted files will live on the user HD… opening them from the finder (or spotlight) will show the files as corrupted (because the encrypted content is not readable from the application, that’s what’s happening).
So no easy path… if you have attachments you want to encrypt I think you’ll be best served by a truecrypt encrypted virtual drive… Janus is really for notes. ;) So said, I'll gladly accept any patch for serious encrypted attachment support.

Q. Who are YOU and what makes this app protect us from the prying eyes of the government?
A. I'm who I am, there are many links to me there so it's really easy to know who I am. :) The app uses RNCryptor for encryption, so really I don't have any key to your documents encryption. Also, I'm an Italian citizen living in Italy so I cannot be the recipient of a NSA order. That means you have to trust me? Probably not in any case, but it really depends on your paranoia level.

Q. I'm really concerned about privacy, can I double-check your claims?
A. The application is now opensource, in both the iOS and OS X versions. Simply grab it from its GitHub repository, check the code or build it yourself. You'll need Xcode 5. To run the application on your iDevice you'll also need a (paying) subscription to the iOS developer program.

Q. I lost my password! What can I do?
A. We have no copy of your data, nor of your password, so we cannot decrypt your notes in case you lose the password. Really. So, again, don't lose your password! (that's one of the reason we leave the password in clear in Preferences).

Q. What means "the app will not phone-home"?
A. This application will not transmit anything to us (or to anyone else). There is no "analytics" package embedded on it. The Mac version is sandboxed with no access to the network for added security.

Q. The program uses any 3d party library?
A. Yes. iRate for App Store ratings, STKeychain for Keychain access, the sundown library for Markdown preview and the wonderful RNCryptor for encrypting. The icons are from the icons8 library.

Q. I have a Windows/Linux/Android/Blackberry/whatever device and would like to access my notes also from there. Any solution?
A. No, sorry. ilTofa is really a one man shop and I'm focused on cocoa those times. But I'm very open to other implementations, if you want to implement your client for whatever platform grab the code from github and port it. Send me a note and I'll be glad to work with you with the needed information. It should not be so complex at the core. :)

Q. I have a request for a feature or something that doesn't work (or could work better), can I ask you?
A. For sure! Use the link below to send an e-mail with your request or use twitter (I'm @g2fano there). We don't track you, so we need your explicit feedback on how you use the application and what do you need.